Crypto Cashback/Rewards Cards UK: Review (VISA/MasterCard)

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At the time of writing the best crypto card available in the UK, by a country mile, is the CRO/MCO Visa Card. But there are a number of other competitors who are starting to show promising signs of development.

Whichever card you go for, you should use Curve card to front it (that way you get Curve’s protection).

We will keep this page up to date with Crypto Cards (in particular those offering Cashback/Rewards/benefits) that are available in the UK. If the crypto card you are looking for isn’t listed, please let us know and we’ll be happy to add it.

Cards reviewed below:

  1. MCO Visa Card (8/10)
  2. Plutus Reward Card (4/10)
  3. Wirex Bitcoin Reward Card (2/10)
  4. Swipe Crypto Card (2/10)
  5. Fold App Reward Card (no score, yet, waiting for card to ship) MCO Visa Card (score 8/10)

Card/tier: Jade Green (25,000 CRO stake required)
Date received: 14 May 2020 (took 2 weeks from applying)
Main benefits: 3% cashback on (almost) all spending, 100% cashback on Netflix and Spofity, additional cashback on giftcards.
Referral link: ($25 bonus (used to be $50 prior to 2 Nov 2020))
Promo/bonus code: ($25 bonus) vj2muktcvy 

UPDATE: in October 2020 announced a number of very significant changes, which makes CRO much less attractive. They did this without consulting their users and it caused a huge backlash and a massive drop in the value of CRO. This action from has massively damaged my trust in their brand, but despite this they still have the best crypto reward card currently available in the UK. This is my favourite crypto rewards card that is available in the UK. The app is pretty good, a few glitches (exiting and reopening the app solves most of them). Support can be slow (I’ve had to wait up to 5 days for a reply, but other times the reply has been about 1 hour). The cashback pays out in CRO instantly with each transaction. During the Covid lockdown they increased cashback at all supermarkets to 10% which has been amazing.

The big ‘downer’ with MCO Visa is that you have to lock in a lot of money. At the time of writing the Jade Green card is around £2,000 – you have to buy 25,000 CRO tokens and ‘stake’ them for 6 months.

Plutus Reward Card (score 4/10)

Card/tier: Premium (£4.99p/m but pricing seems to change frequently!)
Date received: 20 June 2020
Main benefits: 3% cashback (in PLU) on spending additional cashback/rewards scheme launching but doesn’t appear to be working yet.
Referral link (no bonus yet):
Promo/bonus code: none, yet

I had high hopes for Plutus, but unfortunately, I have been very disappointed. It feels like it is a very new product and they haven’t finished testing or setting it up yet, so I will come back to this review periodically to update on their progress. At the time of writing (21 June 2020), Plutus isn’t a viable alternative to CRO/MCO – but I hope it will be at some point.

The major advantage of Plutus over MCO is that you can get 3% cashback on all spending for £4.99 per month rather than having to lock in £2,000 upfront. If you have £2k spare and believe in the project, you might see that as an investment and a better option, but at £4.99pm Plutus makes a 3% reward card possible for the masses rather than the few.

The app is glitchy as hell and almost unusable (card transactions are all called ‘transaction’ with no other details at all. The web app is much better, but it is still in its infancy when compared to

The one area where Plutus kicks’s a** is support. Every question I have sent to Plutus has been answered in seconds – I mean, sometimes I don’t know how they type so quickly! This might be because they don’t have many cusotmers yet, so it could decline as they grow, but it is seriously impressive.

I am going to keep my Plutus Card because I want to support them and see them grow, but when compared to the MCO Visa card – Plutus is pretty poor (at the moment).

Wirex Bitcoin Reward Card (score 2/10)

Card/tier: Wirex Crypto Card
Date received: applied 15 June 2020, received 23 September 2020
Main benefits: 1.5% cashback (in BTC) on spending additional cashback.
Referral link ($10 bonus):
Promo/bonus code ($10 bonus): no code, just link above.

The card has only just arrived, but so far it is difficult to use. The app is cluncky and poor UI. They are currently crowdfunding (28 September 2020), so I am hoping to see some good development in the near future. Buying Wirex tokens was a real ball ache – it took about an hour to figure out in the app (said I could not buy more than £50 of Wirex, but it turns out the actual limit was £35). I will update this section in a month or two when, I hope, it is more usable. If you have any questions about Wirex Crypo Card, send us a message on Facebook.

Swipe Crypto Reward Card (score 2/10)

Card/tier: Swipe Crypto Card
Date received: applied 20 September 2020, received card on 25 September
Main benefits: 1% to 5% depending on how many swipe tokens you’ve staked.
Referral link (referral scheme pending):
Promo/bonus code (referral scheme pending): PGIV91

The card arrived quickly, customer support is very responsive, but buying swipe tokens to stake is very very slow. I bought them over a week ago, in the Swipe app (they took my money), but 7 days later the transaction is still pending and I don’t have any tokens to stake yet!. I will update this in a month or so when I have had a chance to try it out. If you have any questions about Swipe Crypo Card, send us a message on Facebook.

Fold App Reward Card (score unknown)

Card/tier: Fold App Bitcoin Reward Card
Date received: applied 15 June 2020, nothing received yet
Main benefits: unknown
Referral link (20,000 satoshis):
Promo/bonus code (20,000 satoshis): MM7VUUHK.

We’ll update this as soon as we receive our card (no indication of when this will be).

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